ODC Appreciation Day: Online Operations #ThanksODC

Hello everyone, this is the first blog post that I write in English here in Lore Data. I don’t usually write my articles all in English because I care about Brazilian DBAs who do not speak English. Some day probably I will write both in English and Portuguese. I am writing just this one due to the global involvement in favor of ODC Appreciation Day 2017 (older OTN Appreciation Day), which stands for Oracle Developer Community Appreciation Day. It was an idea that Tim Hall, from oracle-base.com, had last year to mobilize Oracle Community all in one day. The idea is to share a feature or something you like about Oracle and tag the post in your Twitter with the tag #ThanksODC (or #ThanksOTN).


So I’d like to share with you some features everyone like in Oracle, which are the Online Operations. There are a lot of features and this type of features are improved mostly every database release. Nowadays we have a bunch of them:

There are some more that probably I don’t remember, but those are some of the features I really like in Oracle technology.

Find here the original post from Tim Hall about today’s ODC Appreciation Day.

That was what I had to share…

See you around,